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About Us:


Live Love is a Czech/American company located in Prague, Czech Republic.  We provide practical, well-designed and affordable options for people who want to shop, live, and consume sustainably. We sell products that are classified as sustainable from all around the world, and we curate products and designs made by Czechs here at home.  We create and promote products that give something back to society and help protect the environment. A portion of the sales go to help people via verified charities and projects that benefit the public good, and customers can choose which charity or project the money from their purchase goes to. Our purchase orders, transportation and delivery are organized to minimize carbon footprint and maximize sustainability.



Our Vision:


A healthy, generous society based on a circular economy where design is king, waste is a thing of the past, and it is comfortable, easy and affordable for all of us to practice “intelligent consumption” and generosity in our everyday lives.



Our Mission:


To improve all of our lives, health and prosperity by promoting intelligent consumerism, good design and generosity by providing options for people to shop and live sustainably with comfort and style, and help others in the process. 


More specifically our mission is to:


   - Raise awareness of sustainability and its value to the

     environment, business and society; also to raise awareness

     of the developing circular economy and design thinking.

   - Provide a community for people to connect and share information

     and know-how about design, sustainability and the circular


   - Make helping easier by offering a mutually beneficial way

     for people to fund scientific research and social aid projects

     that are important to them;

   - Provide sustainable shopping options for common daily-use

     products that have a high level of functional and aesthetic


   - Aid the transition to a national and global circular economy.



Our Design Principles:


We choose products that:


    - Are designed with the user in mind, their needs and desires;

    - Have a high level of aesthetic and functional design;

    - Are high quality and durable;

    - Are sustainably designed, with the whole life of the

      product and its post-life uses in mind;

   - Are a positive step towards creating a circular economy.


Our Story (short version), by Michaela Thomas:


I was born and raised in Prague and, like many mothers, after having children I started to be concerned about all forms of pollution and its effect on the health of my children.  This lead to concern about energy, the children of the world and the people in lesser-developed nations, and the role my consumption plays in all that.  The more I learned the more I felt how few options we have to change how we live without giving everything up. I wanted to find a way to consume more intelligently.  Starting Live Love & Prosper was my way sharing the options I have found.

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