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FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions


1) Why are none of your products graded 100% sustainable?


     Answer:  At this point in the development of a circular

              economy, it is extremely rare, if not impossible,

              for a product to be 100% sustainable in all

              categories.  100% is a goal to be approached.


     100% Sustainability would mean: The net carbon emissions

              are zero across the entire process from resources,

              transportation, production, use, and end of life; 

              there is no waste of energy, water or materials; 

              and all people involved in the process are treated

              fairly and work I healthy conditions. At this point

              we know of no products that are 100% sustainable,

              but that is the goal. 


2) Why are my company’s products scored lowly on your

   sustainability scale.


      Answer: If no information was publicly available to help us

             make a better judgment,  to give some benefit of the

             doubt, we give a score of 5 when no information is



             We have found that some companies occasionally

             exaggerate their sustainability aspect or eco-

             firendliness.  Therefore to combat cynicism that can

             arise from false claims we would rather give a lower

             score than to pass on untested claims buy companies.

             When we get confirmable information from a third party

             we upgrade (or downgrade) scores appropriately.


4) What can my company do to increase our products’ score on

   your scale?


           - Send us more information, such as any third-party or

             governmental health and labor certifications.

           Send us confirmable information on the carbon footprint

             of your company.

           - If you do not yet have them, seek to gain

             certifications such as Fair-Trade status,

             government Health and safety certificates,

             or ecological impact studies.


What is “Sustainable Development”?


     Answer: "Sustainable development is development that meets

             the needs of the present without compromising the

             ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

                                 - the Brundtland Commission in 1987

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