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How I Came to Start Live Love & Prosper, by Michaela Thomas


I am a packaging designer and director of a packaging design company. But I found that more than 90­% of packaging materials become waste almost immediately. Packaging, and the waste it produces is a large part of the huge environmental, social, and even financial problems the world is facing.  I have children who need a safe, clean, healthy Earth to live on, and have children of their own. 


After becoming a mother I became more and more concerned about pollution, waste, and the lack of options for us normal people to shop and live sustainably. I started to get frustrated by how much plastic was a part of my family’s life.  It was in everything from kitchen utensils, toys and baby supplies at home, to the absurd number of plastic bags and packaging I found myself coming home with from even the most basic shopping trips. I recycled paper, plastic and glass, but when I learned about sustainability and the circular economy I could see that was far from enough, and even that wasn’t that easy with babies.


By the time my third child was born I had started to be concerned for the poorer children of the world who bear the brunt of the economic and health burdens for the comfort of people like me in the more developed countries.  As a city dweller I knew it was not possible to stop being a consumer, but wanted some options that would allow me to practice “intelligent consumption”.


I kept saying to myself, “I wish someone would make something that let’s me do . . .”  And searching online, I found that people and companies were making those things.  But they were not available where I lived––and shipping them half way around the world one at a time was definitely not sustainable.  By talking to people realized there were many like myself who wanted these things as well.


Starting Live Love & Prosper was my way of taking control of my personal impact on the planet and the lives of all of us who live here, including my children.  E-shops have less of an environmental impact than a brick-and-mortar store, and can reach many more like-minded people.  The Live Love e-shop, its charity funding aspect, and the community we seek to bring together, is my way of sharing that empowerment with others who want to live more sustainably, but who also feel the subtle despair of having few options.  Together we can change the world.


I hope you like it and it eases some of the pain people feel at wanting to help, but not having the know-how or the time to do so.  If we each do our part, we can achieve amazing things.  I hope my part helps.




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