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Bez ohledu na jejich původ,
vyznání či barvu.
Děti si nezaslouží trpět,
děti si mají hrát.


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We are people who care about design, people, the environment, business, generosity and having fun.


We believe and have seen evidence that:


     - Design is not just for aesthetics, it can also

       solve problems.


     - Caring for people can be fun and greatly rewarding. 


     - Caring for the environment and the future of our Earth

       does not have to be heavy, dark, dire and costly.


     - Making a profit does not have to be damaging to

       anyone or the Earth, and Sustainability is the business

       model that is most likely to make this possible.


     - Generosty is good for a person's health and outlook.


     - All of the above should be fun.






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